The benefits of counseling can be vast. Working on personal problems in therapy can help bring added meaning to your life, help you to learn excellent conflict resolution skills, and improve your marriage. You can be taught techniques to relieve stress and overcome depression and anxiety, as well as improve your self-esteem

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide


Learn how to improve your relationship with others at home and at work. Enhance your marriage and learn how to improve your parenting skills. If you are single, gain knowledge about Stress-Free Dating. If you find yourself in an addictive relationship, develop a means to break this addiction and learn more about healthy boundaries. Build strong relationship skills and improve self-esteem. The most important relationship you will ever have with anyone, is that which you have with yourself.


You really love your kids but they may be driving you "up the wall". We can help you with parenting skills and we can help your child or teenager learn how to get what they need without tearing the family apart. We provide you with the skills of micro managing, managing, supervising, and advising your children as they develop and grow to adulthood. Learn what to do when your daughter is dating someone you cannot tolerate. Acquire the secret of getting her back on your side.


Marriages can suffer from an unsatisfactory sex life. After an initial medical exam by your physician, we can provided an assessment of emotional or psychological etiology as well as an evaluation of relationship problems that prevent a couple from having sexual satisfaction in their marriage. We can assist you in regaining a sense of excitement in your relationship and guide you in overcoming obstacles to your sexual fulfillment.


Overcome fear and improve your state of mind. Learn about what causes depression and build your coping skills. Develop greater knowledge about what generates fearful responses and how to abolish feeling overwhelmed by these emotions. Find out the difference between healthy and harmful types of fear.


Learn to deal with a myriad of problems associated with ADD or ADHD. If you tend to be restless, fidgety, easily distracted, or have trouble sustaining your concentration during activities or work, you may be suffering from an attention deficit problem. Individuals struggle in relationships and have difficulty with maintaining a positive work environment. The struggles to focus and concentrate may also result in emotional problems and low self-esteem.  Learn healthy coping methods to overcome the challenges of this disorder. 


Its not easy being a man anymore. In today’s society men must cope with many stressors of work and home. They must be masculine but also be sensitive to women and children. Let us teach you about healthy relationships, or how to be a friend to other men, an excellent partner to a woman, and how to provide nurturance and protection to your children. Let us show you how to be in a relationship out of strength and not out of weakness.


Emotional problems have many various expressions and sex is just one of them. Pornography, hyper-sexuality, extra-marital affairs, and excessive masturbation are avenues that people find to deal with stress and poor self-esteem. Many individuals are introduced to sex before they are emotionally mature enough to deal with it. As a result, emotional problems develop and a person’s primary means to feel good about themselves or cope with stress is through sexual expression. We can help men and women to overcome sexual addictions in counseling and psychotherapy. You can learn how to relate to the opposite sex in a healthy manner, deal with self-issues in a productive and more fulfilling way, and discover more effective methods of dealing with emotional stress.


Our culture sometimes makes it very difficult to be a woman. Females have many obstacles to overcome because of our once male dominated society. This is gradually changing but women still have to learn to cope with poor choices of marital partners, dealing with harassment in the workplace, struggling with sexual predators, and finding empowerment in their home and work. We provide the environment for women to overcome these hurdles and teach them how to be strong yet promote their comfort with their femininity. Build self-esteem, develop assertiveness, acquire inner strength and gain more effective relationship skills.


Though we are trained as mental health professionals, rather than clergy or religious scholars, some of our counselors are experienced in providing a Christian basis to the counseling process for those clients who desire and request this orientation.  While we never impose our values on anyone, we are available to provide spiritual / biblical guidance to those who ask for it.  However, if you not a believer, or are of another faith, we will always honor and respect your personal beliefs.  For a list of which counselors provide counseling for Christian concerns, please see our individual areas of specialization on our About Us page.