There are a number of reasons to select LifeCare for your counseling needs:








Training & Experience:

 We have a well-trained professional team of mental health counselors who are directed by a licensed psychologist with over 19 years of extensive clinical practice. Collectively, we possess over 40 years of counseling experience in helping individuals, couples, and families change their lives. Our work has been in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community mental health, university counseling centers, and in crisis management services.


Personalized Attention: 

Everyone under our care is provided special treatment. We never take it for granted that you could have chosen another counseling practice, but you chose us. We enjoy showing you how much we appreciate your decision to use our services with each visit and with each phone call. Also, since we are a small practice and our reception room is never crowded you have the same creature comforts of home ......or better.


Community Service: 

We are dedicated to helping you whether you select us or not for your counseling needs. We usually suggest to callers to use us as an emergency backup if another counseling service is unavailable. We have been involved in service organizations, such as the Rotary club, community churches, and chambers of commerce for many years helping to improve our community.


Fast Service: 

We have a distinguished reputation for responding to phone calls within a brief amount of time. During after-hours we can respond to an emergency call within minutes.

Comfortable Environment: Our beautifully decorated offices are designed to provide you with a safe, quiet, and comfortable environment where you can find peace and relaxation while processing your concerns and learning how to improve your life.


Christian Perspective: 

Some of our counselors are experienced in providing Christian-based counseling "upon request." However, we respect the individual's rights to their own belief system and will not encroach upon those values.


No Waiting-Lists: 

We can provide fast and responsive service because we are not associated with managed-care insurance companies. Usually you can be seen in our office for a first-time appointment within 24 to 48 hours of your initial telephone call.


Emergency Coverage:

 We are available between 9am and 9pm by calling our primary phone line (317-581-1013) for any emergency situations. For our established patients a number is provided to call their therapist after hours and during weekends. Our voicemail system will notify us immediately of your call and if we are not already with a patient, we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Privacy & Confidentiality: 

We take great care to protect your privacy from the time we hear from you and forever after you leave our services. We can not even admit that we know you. Should you need us to communicate with someone regarding your treatment, a signed release of information is required in order for us to do so.

We are highly committed to your emotional health and personal growth. Our practice continues to expand each year because of our dedication to service and the personalized treatment of our patients.